Model 601 Slitter

Model 601 – Slitter


The Model 601 Slitter is designed for slitting heavyweight carpets and textiles at high line speeds. The 601 slitter is based upon a twin blade scissors action principle of cutting. One blade is positively driven and one blade is frictional driven, so any width material may be slit.

The motor is a one horsepower gear motor. Different RPM output speeds are used to match the blades circumference speed tot he cutsomer’s fastest line speed. The blade shaft has two hardened inner-races which run in needle bearings for long lasting reliability.

Slitter mounting is achieved by four 3/8″-16 tapped holes in the base. Trolleys are available for mounting on 6″ 20 lb beams.

A single 601 slitter weights 140 lbs. Reliable trimming is obtained with the 601 which is manufactured for quality.

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