Model 62K-HM55 Belt Cutter

Model 62K-HM55 – Belt Cutter


The Model 62K-HM55 Belting Cutter is a single rotary cutter. The blade is driven by a low RPM, high torque air motor, which can cut belting up to 1-1/2″ thick. The cutter is a sufficient way to cut rubber, PVC and urethane coated fabric belting, including Kevlar fabric.

The blade is high carbon, high chrome hardened tool steel. The blade can be returned to Textile & Industrial Sales for sharpening. The blade should ride as deep as possible in roller groove without making contact to roller. Blade depth is adjustable by loosening a bolt and turning the height adjustment screw.

The cutter has an in-line lubricator. Oil should be ISO viscosity classified oil, grade #ISO VG 12. A water free and filtered air supply is required. Masimum air consumption is 33 cfm.

The cutter should be operated by trained personnel. Do not remove blade guard. Do not put hand on any turning part or blade.


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