Model 310D-2BD Trimmer

Model 310D-2BD – Trimmer


The Model 310D-2BD Trimmer is designed for edge trimming medium to heavyweight material. Both 7-1/16″ Ø blades are positively driven for cutting carpets, fabrics and non-wovens. Mounting can be any position necessary for material flow.

The motor is a 1/2 horsepower gear motor. Standard voltage is 115 volt 60 Hz. Other voltages and three phase are available. Different RPM output speeds are used to match the blade’ circumference speed to the application’s fastest line speed.

The 310 trimmers are based upon a twin blade scissors action principle of cutting. The trimmers use two throughly hardened blades which give superior cutting characteristics. The blades can be sharpened 10 to 15 times, or until too thin for use.

For edge trimming, the 310 trimmers are in pairs, with a left hand and a right hand unit. Mounting is achieved by two 3/8″ wide slots in the base. The depth of the trimmer throat is 8-1/4″. Selvedges of up to 8-1/4″ wide may be trimmed. A single 310 trimmer weight 110 lbs, or 220 lbs for a pari. The model 310 trimmers are manufactured to close tolerances and specs., which will provide reliable trimming.


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