Model 800 Belt Cutter

Model 800 – Belt Cutter


The Model 800 Belt Cutter is designed for cutting light to heavy weight coated belting. Belting can be cut efficiently and cleanly with the model 800. Cutting is performed by a single blade with a small overlap in the foot. The foot is adjustable to allow for wear of the blade’s diameter. The blade is thoroughly hardened to provide superior cutting characteristics. When dull, the blade may be resharpened.

The 800 belting cutter is driven by a 1/2 hp motor. The motor is available in single or three phase. Different ratio reducers are used to match the customer’s fastest line speed with the blade’s circumference speed. Mounting is achieved by four holes in the base. Trolleys are available to mount on 4″ 13 lb or 6″ 20 lb beams. Without a trolley, the model 800 weighs 85 lbs. Reliable cutting is obtained with the model 800 which is manufactured for quality.


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