Model 2200M18 – Battery Operated Portable Sewing Machine


The Model 2200M18 Battery Operated Portable Sewing Machine weighs approximately 13 pounds. The machine setup on this unit is the same as our rugged 2200G, which is a two thread chainstitch used for GeoSynthetics for fast, consistent sewing of all types of geo fabrics. This unit is ideally suited to re-stitch tear-outs in hard to get to areas like steamers. This machine has extra heavy duty top and bottom feed dogs to provide better gripping and feeding of the material. The 2200M18 is equipped with a heavy duty looper with large eyes to use heavier thread with better stitch formation.

This 2200M18 has large drive gear screws to provide more power and longer machine life. It is powered by a 24v Rechargable lithium battery and comes with a 110v battery charger. The battery provides up to 30 minutes of sewing per charge (depending on application). Additional batteries are available for longer runs. It also comes standard with a large thread cone stand.

The 2200M18 has easy access for needle adjustment and a large size needle for sewing heavier fabrics. The power thumb switch has a lock to reduce operator fatigue and an optionsl top lock spring balancer is available.

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