Model 900 – Pedestal Butt-Seamer


The Model 900 Pedestal Butt-Seamer is used extensively in the carpet industry to sew primary backing before tufting. The seam made by the 900 butt-seamer can be tufted over at full speed. The seam is strong enough to be left in the carpet through the entire manufacturing process, thus reducing the waste from trimming and resewing. The model 900 also has several applications in the fabric industry.

The 900 has an overedge of approximately 1-1/4″ and sews 3-4 stitches per inch when using the long feed cam.

Twelve feet goods can be sewn in 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. For severe environments, we also make a heavier duty pedestal with a roll cage to protect the sewing head. The 900 pedestal is a cost effective way of joining primary backing and fabric products for various processing operations.


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