SlimLine Railway

SlimLine Railway


Our SlimLine Railway is designed to be mounted on a movable frame or can be mounted directly to our customer’s equipment, like un-roll cradles. The frame can be built to meet the specific requirements of your specific application.

The image to the left is shown with our Heavy Duty 48500 Butt-Seamer and our Model 310 Cutter. Both are pneumatically driven and the sewing trolley can be fitted with a latch to pull the cutter back to the home position. A single air connection is supplied and air is distributed as needed via coiled air lines.

This model is shown with adjustable pin plates to hold the material while cutting and sewing and has our optional pneumatic pin guards to protect the worker from the pins when not actively pinning the material and it also pushes the material off the pins when sewing is complete.

Optional equipment available is our laser alignment guide that makes it easier to line up patterns in the product. Also available is our back light assembly. This option provides LED lights underneath the product to assist in matching up more detailed patterns.

The SlimLine Railway can also be built to accommodate our 38500 Butt-Seamer for less demanding applications



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